At West Little Rock Women’s Center, we want our patients to be taken care of at every stage of life. We always recommend a wellness exam once a year. A routine wellness exam includes a physical exam, a breast exam and a pelvic exam, and also provides an excellent opportunity to talk with your doctor.

Physical Exam

The physical exam helps us assess your overall health and start mapping out the care plan that’s best for you. This usually measures factors such as blood pressure, weight and body mass index.

Breast Exam

One of the best ways to beat breast cancer is to detect it early. Through routine visual and palpation breast exams, we want to help ensure the best possible breast health for you. We also use BRACAnalysis technology to get a clearer picture of your family history and risk for breast cancer before it becomes a threat.

Pelvic Exam

Through a routine pelvic exam, we are able to check for uterine and ovarian abnormalities and screen for cervical cancer. We’re able to better understand your family history and give you a clearer picture of the risk you’re facing with our BRACAnalysis technology. Women with a family history of ovarian cancer are at a higher risk of developing it themselves, and identifying the risk when you are younger allows you to fight it more easily.


During your annual wellness exam, we want to put your mind at ease. These appointments are a perfect time to have a conversation with your doctor about any health concerns or risks you may be facing. We’re here to answer your questions and listen to your concerns in confidence.